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Nothing speaks better than results.  Please find below a select list of value we have delivered.  If you don’t see something that mirrors your needs, please ask. After 20 years we have many more.

Cyber Security

Please contact us.  Due to the need for discretion in this space we don’t advertise our efforts.


  • Advised Board of Directors (BOD) on cyber posture and enhancements to Governance program to incorporate Cyber.

  • Analyzed results of internal audits, external audits, penetration testing, and the like to prioritize remediation to conform with BOD established Risk Appetite and business objectives.

  • Performed GAP Analysis and developed multi-year compliance roadmap for the executive team.

  • Independently assessed three claims for an insurance company.

  • Performed three CMMC per-assessments including CUI identification, and the development of data flow diagrams. Developed remediation plans.

  • Performed an industry assessment of alignment between business strategy and cyber security strategy.

  • Performed 2 GDPR remediations.

  • Performed market surveys and competitive analysis for 7 product companies.


  • Digitized business unit and created a bundled solution unique to the market that provided a single view to the client. Increased revenue by 35%. Achieved $2M recurring annual savings. Automation freed up 13 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) that could be repurposed to more strategic activities.

  • Turned around a business unit for this global, publicly traded company. Restructured organizational structure, automated processes, and right sized customer list. Made them cash flow positive in 9 months.

  • Partnered with Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of a global, publicly traded firm to overhaul it's global marketing and business development strategy. Took the lead on analytics, process automation, compliance, and governance.

  • Refreshed the back office of this global subsidiary of a public traded company.

    Result: Case Study produced by Industry organization. Reduced reporting time from days to minutes.Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DS0) by three days. Reduced back office staff by three Full Time Equivalents (FTEs).

IT Governance and Compliance

  • Engaged by the CIO of a global financial services institution to ensure adherence to service level agreements (SLA) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) across the enterprise.  Performed root cause analysis, improved operational procedures and developed an enterprise technology strategy. 

    Result:  Enterprise exceeded business unit agreed upon SLAs and reduced charge backs to the business unit by over 22%.


  • Engaged by corporate CIO of a Fortune 500 company to evaluate alternative to outsourcing core business systems and creating strategies to create alternate data centers to meet new government regulations after 9/11. 

    Result:  Identified discrepancies in current charge back models that reduced current internal costs to a point that did not justify the risks associated with outsourcing many of the key systems.  Made key contributions to the overall disaster recovery (DR) strategy to comply with government regulations.


Compliance and Governance

  • Partnered with external audit to provide evidence to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that a publicly traded firm's financial reports and filings comport with transactions.

    Result:  The firm was allowed to remain public.

  • Performed SOX remediation for this global financial services institution to ensure compliance within required timeframes. 

    Result:  Brought them back into compliance.


  • Engaged by publicly traded company who failed an internal audit.  Conducted a gap analysis, developed a remediation plan supported by automation, policy and procedures. 

    Result:  Brought them back into compliance with higher assurance to remain in compliance.


  • Worked with this global entity to attain industry and ISO certifications including compliance with global data protection laws.  The effort included organization right sizing, process improvement, cyber security, technology strategy alignment, policies, procedures and enforcement. 

    Result:  Achieved their certification with a 25% increase in productivity with decreased error handling.

Project Recovery and Project Management

  • Project and Program Management Training

  • Engaged by product vendors and end users to get errant projects and sales cycles back on track.

  • A series of training and coaching engagements to help organizations improve their capabilities to prevent problems.

  • Led the global rollout of the financial and accounting system for this subsidiary of $15B entity.  Set the strategy, managed the vendors, drove the architecture, drove the implementation, coordinated training and drove the business intelligence (BI) strategy across every continent except Antarctica.  Got the General Ledger (GL) back in balance, resolved multi-currency issues, resolved multiple tax authority issues, right sized business processes, improved security, and ensured successful training.  Drove data mapping and back end system integration with on premise ERPs, 3rd party applications, and cloud solutions. 

    Result:  Got the entire organization on a single finance and accounting system globally, greatly improving operations with increased reporting and business intelligence.


  • This $5B global entity engaged us to shake loose a stalled ERP product selection process.  After collecting requirements and analyzing options we recommended an option not seriously considered before. 

    Result:  At least $15M in cost savings with drastic reduction in risk and burden placed on the business.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)/ Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)/ Center of Excellence (CoE)

  • Over 50 successful projects.

  • Numerous Training Classes.

  • Developed ERP testing strategy and successfully executed those strategies.

  • Engaged by Global Fortune 500 Company to consolidate SQA efforts into a COE.  We consolidated over 70 instances, coalesced down to a standardized tool set, defined standard process and performed training.  Incorporated offshore and near shore teams. 

    Result:  Significant cost savings with increased quality.

  • Worked with this Fortune 500 Company to develop their Mobile BYOD Testing strategy including a creative Cloud Based strategy.

  • For this Fortune 500 company drove the strategy for forming their Center of Excellence (COE) including security and mobile testing.  Included on premise, Cloud and SaaS based tools. 

    Result:  Achieved greater operational efficiency at reduced cost.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

  • Engaged by private equity fund to perform due diligence, support negotiations and perform post merger integration (PMI).  Assisted in executing rollup strategy taking the rollup public. 

    Result:  Reduced the number of transactions and increased the yield per transaction.

  • Engaged by Global 1000 company to perform post merger integration (PMI). 

    Result:  Successfully integrated the acquired company achieving desired results.

  • Engaged by publicly traded company to perform post merger integration (PMI) for the line of business (LOB). 

  • Engaged by closely held company to prepare them for sale and locate a buyer. 

    Result:  Was able to negotiate a significantly higher sale price by identifying “Rembrandts in the Attic” and developing a prepackaged Post Merger Integration (PMI) plan.

  • Engaged by global investment banking firm to identify service providers for their portfolio companies. 

    Result:  Created a stable of service providers dedicated to help growing their portfolio at significantly reduced costs.

Performance Testing/ Capacity Planning/ Center of Excellence (COE)

  • Over 25 projects.

  • Numerous Training Classes.

  • Established a series of Performance Testing and Capacity Planning centers of excellence (COE).

  • Developed a cloud based strategy allowing this Fortune 500 company to increase load testing on demand. 

    Result:  Significant cost savings with operational efficiency.


  • Solved a rather thorny problem for this Fortune 500 who could not properly size their time management and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

    Result:  The customer was able to scale appropriately without any down time

IT operations management (ITOM)/ End User Monitoring (EUM)/ Real User Monitoring (RUM)/ Web Analytics/ Diagnostics/ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Business Intelligence (BI)/ Reporting/ Data Visualization

  • For this Fortune 500 company’s global footprint, developed multiple dashboards each presenting very complex data from the same data warehouse appropriate for each audience (e.g., operations, business owner, finance, marketing). 

    Result:  Timely reporting of more accurate data.  Significantly reducing distractions, conflicts and faults.

  • For this Global 1000 company developed Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Reporting tool. 

    Result:  Reports production times reduced to seconds instead of days.

  • For this Fortune 500 Company recommended an in memory database for their ERP to meet customer demand. 

    Result: Faster, more accurate reporting that could be rolled out Globally.

Process Improvement/ Productivity

  • Engaged by this Fortune 500 Company to analyze key aspects of their software development life cycle (SDLC) including workflow, staffing, organizational structure and the like to increase productivity through process refinement and automation. 

    Result:  Achieved a 50% process improvement through changes in workflow and increased use of automation enabling IT to faster respond to business needs without any increased costs. Moved diagnostic and testing tools earlier into the architecture and development phases providing more innovation at lower cost.

  • This Fortune 500 Company produces highly targeted business intelligence (BI) and analytics to its customers on a very regimented schedule. They were starting to miss deadlines and established Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We were engaged to perform a root cause analysis and resolution. We were able to identify the key limiting factors and choke points. We developed a solution for predicting and resolving before any slippages. 

    Result:  Achieved greater reliability in delivering products to their customers with less distractions.

Strategic Use of Technology

  • Developed Dev/Ops automation strategy including product selection to automate +40 step process normally executed in weeks to be completed in under 2 days. 

    Result:  Significant costs savings with increased time savings.

  • Engaged by this Federal Agency to evaluate current middleware/ application server strategy and make recommendations. 

    Result:  Reconciled strategy to reduce overall production cost and development cost.  Reduced scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

  • Evaluated product road map of this middleware product company. 

    Result:  Recommended a switch to a JAVA based strategy with embedded analytics and targeted solutions for key industries. The strategy was well regarded by industry analysts increasing sales and industry recommendations.  

    Result:  Vendor adopted the strategy, which was well regarded by industry analysts.

  • Crafted solutions around this Fortune 500 company's software products to better match the needs of the modern enterprise. 

    Result:  Increased sales.

  • Developed an identity management technology strategy and performed proof-of-concept (POC) for the R&D arm of this global pharmaceutical company allowing them to outsource  portions of their product research while still protecting its intellectual property (IP). 

    Result:  Faster time to market at lower risk.

Forensics and Litigation Support

  • Engaged by Global 1000 company to perform due diligence and forensic analysis for a pending litigation with a major product vendor. 

    Result:  Findings used by inside and outside counsel to negotiate a favorable settlement.

  • Analyzed approximately 3 years of financial transactions for a Forensic Accountant to determine course of dealings, support our party’s claims, undermine opposing claims, discern patterns of behavior, draft the report and support deposition prep. 

    Result:  Case settled favorably for our client within 6 weeks of completing the analysis.

  • Assessed the impact of pending litigation with this Fortune 500 company’s vendor. 

    Result:  determined operational impact if litigation was success, enabling senior management to make more informed decisions.

  • Performed informal reviews for executive leadership to determine if full scale audits were warranted. The reviews included business strategy, finances, compliance, governance and HR.

    Result: Enough was uncovered to warrant additional full scale audits. 

Advisory Services/ Benchmarking

  • Engaged by investment banker to assess potential investment. 

    Result:  Identified challenges for the potential investment to overcome to drive sustainable shareholder value along with proposed remediation.

  • Engaged by private equity firm to evaluate stock and perform channel checks. 

    Result:  The firm took $100M position, based on our recommendation, yielding a heafty return for their investors.

  • Engaged by private equity firm to evaluate publically traded companies using Value Investing principles. 

    Result:  Placed on retainer by managing director to evalutate more publicly traded companies for potential investments.

  • Engaged by Angel Investor to assess the viability of portfolio companies. 

    Result:  Engaged by the portfolio company’s CEO to perform remediation.

  • Engaged by industry analyst to perform “due diligence” on vendors’ sales strategy and channel strategy. 

    Result:  Vendors gained significant credibility as identified challenges were illuminated and corrections were adopted.

  • Performed industry analysis for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) professional society to understand gap between digital agencies and their customers. 

    Result:  Helped the Digital Agencies understand what is necessary to increase sales and customer retention.  The overwhelming lesson was CMO’s felt the digital agencies did not spend enough time understanding their business.

Product Company

  • Teamed with this Fortune 500 enterprise IT vendor to drive increased sales by demonstrating business value (e.g., ROI, TCO, business case) and presenting a total solution. 

  • Result: Drove over $50M in net new product sales over a 7 year period.

  • Engaged by this Fortune 500 Media Company after acquiring a software portfolio to reconcile with other acquisitions and develop bundled solutions focused on driving business value. 

  • Result: Changed software sales strategy with higher ROI.

  • Engaged by this software company to create solutions templates attaching their products to business value. 

  • Result: Increased sales, shortened sales cycles and higher margins.

Interim Executive

  • CIO global entity

  • Sr. Director/ Division Head for major telecommunications/ media company

  • VP of Sales for services company

  • Enterprise Account Executive

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